• Mike Costello

Lacrosse is Back

The D 1’s started up last week and lacrosse fans around the country rejoiced. Yesterday, Duke came from behind to beat Denver in a February classic. The Big 10 announced their first half conference only schedule with the Michigan men’s team hosting Johns Hopkins on Feb. 27 and the women hosting Rutgers on March 5th and 7th.

The Detroit men will head to play Marist on March 6 and host St. Bonaventure on March 13. The Titan women will play at Central Michigan on March 7 and host Youngstown State on March 13. That’s right – a Titan doubleheader – the women at Noon and the men at 3pm.

And in the high school game, Michigan is still on track to start on March 15 with games on March 24. Lacrosse fans are holding their collective breaths – we do not want to miss another season.

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