Albion to Host Prospect and Skills Camp

ALBION, MI (November 1, 2021) - Albion College will be holding a Prospect and Skills Camp on November 13 and 14.

The camp will be held on campus and campers have an opportunity to attend a football game on Saturday! You can attend Saturday or Sunday or both days. 


Get the details:


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Rochester to Bounce Back; Women’s Lacrosse to Play in 2022


ROCHESTER, MI (August 20, 2021) - After a two-year hiatus due to Covid and personnel issues, Rochester University is looking to get their women’s lacrosse program back in action.

The Warriors have hired a new Head Coach, Kayla Parks-Albrant and are preparing for play in the 2022 spring season. RU would be the 10th school playing women’s lacrosse in the WHAC (Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference).

I had a chance to interview Coach Parks-Albrant to discuss her new opportunity and the future of Rochester lacrosse:

ALM: Thanks for doing this, why don’t you introduce yourself:  

Kayla Parks-Albrant: Hi! My name is Kayla Parks-Albrant and I graduated from Siena Heights University in 2018. While there, I studied Communications and Graphic Design. While there, I played lacrosse all four years for the team as a mid-fielder.

Some things I'm super proud of are that I currently hold the records for draw controls in a season and ground balls in the season as well as my senior year I was on the very first team in SHU history to make it to the national tournament.

How did you get the Rochester position? 

I ended up at RU because I knew that I wanted to be involved in higher education. I had been working in admissions for another school and I just knew my end goal would be higher ed. My husband actually had sent me the lacrosse position and I went to apply. I also saw they had an admission recruiter position open, so I applied for both positions and here I am. Super blessed to be able to work in admission for the university and to coach a team of my own. 

What is appealing about Rochester? 

I went to a small university as well and I loved it. I loved being able to know everyone and be seen for who I was and not a number. I loved that small school feeling and I get that here at Rochester. It's much more personal and I'm able to make connections in this tight knit community. I just love it.

It’s a new program that had a setback last year – they didn’t play, how can you right the ship, so to speak?

I knew what I was stepping into. I knew that the team hadn't had a true season ever and that there had been some changes in the coaching staff and, obviously with COVID the girls didn't get a desired season. I know this is a newer program and that might scare some people, but for me I knew that I could step in and truly make something here.

As a former player I know how badly I would have wanted to play if I were in their shoes, so I know that I want to give them that... a chance to play. I'm very fortunate in this position because I played in the WHAC and I have so many connections within the WHAC, so I have been reaching out to some of those connections and tapping in to others to try and give my girls that chance.

If there is one thing I am known for as a coach to my girls, I hope they know that I will be their biggest fan, advocate, and supporter, so I'm going to give everything I can to this program and to see it thrive.

How will you build the core of players to lead the way into the future?

Something else that is super exciting as a new coach is that I get to lay down the groundwork for what this program will be known for, for now and for the future. I have decided that to be part of the RU women's lacrosse team, you will need to uphold 4 pillars. Think of it as a table, if one leg is broken or missing, the table is obsolete. The four pillars are trust, commitment, respect, and integrity. If my girls hold these four to be true, I can't see why not at the core of my program we wouldn't succeed. 

How can you and Rochester strengthen the overall quality of the WHAC?

As a former WHAC athlete, I know how strong it is. I think that myself and my team will be able to add to this conference and make it a huge power conference. I've seen starter teams show up in the national tournament in just a matter of a few short years and I think that I can do that too, here at Rochester. 

There are a lot of good players in the state, what’s the best way to keep them at home?

I think the best-selling point is that your family can come watch your games at home. I loved having my parents in the stands and I know they loved it because they got to see a glimpse of me doing the thing I loved. I hope the same for my girls and their families.

Yes, these girls are trusting me to coach them and help them achieve their goals, but these families are trusting me with the most precious thing to them and I would love to have them involved as much as possible. 

What’s the main goal in your first year?

Play some games! Truly, it's a small step, but it has to happen. In three years, the girls have only played one game. I want to give them a season even if it's modified or short, they deserve it and I will do all the work necessary to give them that. 

Looking ahead, what do you want to accomplish in the first five years?

I want to be a WHAC contender. I want to be able to compete with the leaders in the conference. In five years, I would love to be in the top five of the WHAC. I know it can happen and there will be a lot of hard work to be done and some building along the way, but I think we can do it.

What does Rochester have to make it a women’s lacrosse destination for players? 

Rochester itself is a great institution in a great area. I think that if a player comes here, they will be getting a very personal experience. They will be getting to play the sport they love within a community that truly cares about them and their success. I also hope that I'm part of the selling point. I am a hard worker and someone who is fiercely loyal. To me this isn't just a paycheck or something I will do to pass the time, this is my legacy. I'm a young coach who has been given the keys to a brand-new car. It's scary and it's intimidating, but I know how amazing the drive will be when I take care of the car. 

I hope that my girls today and future Warriors know that I am going to be always working to make sure not only are the players getting the training and the coaching that they need, but I also will be training myself to be the absolute best that I can be not only as a coach, but a mentor, a motivator, and one day when they graduate, a friend. 

Rochester has given me the most amazing opportunity to live out my dream, teach girls to love the game that has given me all the best things in my life, the same way I love it.