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Quint, MHSAA, and Mental Health

So, I watched the NCAA Men’s games this weekend and Quint Kessenich was the lead color announcer on ESPN U for two of the games. Overall, I try not to listen to him, but as I checked my Twitter feed, I saw quite a bit of vitriol aimed at him. I read the posts and listened to him a bit more closely and I found that he does tend to talk down to the viewers, he favors football over lacrosse – he is constantly comparing lax to football, even though he played lacrosse at Johns Hopkins and I think he just rubs people the wrong way. And, if you are rooting for a certain team, and Q criticizes that team, it can tick you off. In today’s Maryland / Notre Dame game, he constantly mentioned that Notre Dame was “running out of gas” as the game went on. He’s wordy and annoying. So there!

The MHSAA really needs to be accurate in their tournament schedule. I was ready to cover the Canton / Salem game on Saturday that I thought began at 3pm. I checked Twitter around 1pm and the game was already in the third quarter. On the lovely MHSAA bracket that looks like a spider web, it indicated a 3pm start. Again, to promote the game, the governing body needs to be accurate, timely and fan friendly. Oh, while I’m at it, can you add the “e” in lacrosse on the home page “Spring into Tournaments” link for boys lacrosse. It’s in blue and everything.

One of the best goalie coaches in the country, Brad Gigliotti (6x6 Goalie Academy) started “Goalies Matter” a program that will provide mental health support for student / athletes playing the toughest position in sports. It’s such a great idea – and now is the perfect time. The Covid pandemic is winding down and kids need to see the light at the end of the tunnel, in athletics and in life. All Lacrosse Michigan is behind this program 100% and we will be providing information on how you can get involved. We’ll be running an interview with Brad later this week and quite frankly, will be promoting the heck out of it because it’s sorely needed. Goalies and all student / athletes matter.

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