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MMM - Update

So, after further review…the description of the “illegal hit” that was mentioned in an earlier edition of the Mumbo may have been a bit overstated. After getting a look at the tape – the hit itself was a typical lacrosse play – the hitter may have taken an extra step to deliver the hit, but that’s all. It was not malicious, and I believe there was no intent to cause injury. When he left after the whistle, he thumped his chest – the universal sign to “let’s go”. He didn’t really know that the kid he had hit was severely injured. A defenseman that was near the play was the one that was looking – not gloating. So, if I overstated the incident, I apologize. And I give credit to the program director (Varsity Head Coach) who addressed the incident with the parents and stressed proper parental decorum.

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