Oberlin vs. Hope at  U of M   March 7, 2020

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PLYMOUTH, MI (April 15, 2020) - Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and despite the schools shutting down and despite the MHSAA cancelling the spring season, some of the girl’s lacrosse coaches and officials are taking the lead and planning for when the quarantine is lifted.

On a Zoom call Monday, 10 Michigan coaches and officials brainstormed ideas on how to create a worthwhile late-spring / early-summer season.


Obviously, all the ideas would be predicated on a health-first, safety-first mantra, and following MHSAA rules but giving the seniors an opportunity to have some semblance of a season was a priority.


The coaches are trying to do SOMETHING for the players and in some way, for their parents.


Some of the ideas that were discussed:

  • Weekly play-days

  • Round-robin tournaments

  • Filling the empty weekends in June

  • Creating a “league” for the summer

  • Clinics


The next step for the coaches is to send out an interest survey to players to see if there is enough interest to make this summer program a reality.


Some of the other issues that were discussed were field availability and which schools will be involved.

Those who were part of the call were: Chris Merucci, Livonia United; Dan Reason, Official, Chad Pastor, Haslett / Williamston; Anne Acluche, Official; Christina Arens, Bloomfield Hills; Summer Aldred, Cass Tech; Lindsay Hoyt, Mercy; Desiree Messina, Utica Eisenhower; Craig Schroeder, Novi and Damien Butler, Salem.

If you would like to be a part of this venture, please contact: 


Chris Merucci (chris@triumphlacrosse.com), Desiree Messina (ikegirlslaxcoach@gmail.com) or Summer Aldred (summer@detroitunitedlacrosse.org).


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