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4 Guys Doing great work during the Pandemic

Ok, many schools are now open, and we have seen restaurants close, open, close, and open again. We made it through that quarantine phase from March to June and I think we are getting closer to the end of this – call me optimistic or naïve, I don’t mind. Anyway, when we were all stuck in the house there were a couple of guys who made it tolerable. Chris Drouin, Chris Kolon and John Locy put together a lacrosse podcast that was informative and entertaining. I loved the interviews and the stories, and full disclosure, I was a guest on one of the shows and it was great fun.

And another media all-star who interviewed seemingly every lacrosse all-star player, coach or personality in the country was Greg Normand. Normand, the Secretary of the MHSLCA, started by interviewing MHSLCA Hall of Fame members and then kicked it up a notch. He started interviewing national personalities – Rob Pannell, Eric Law, Scott Rodgers, Cam Holding, Scott Marr, Jeff Tambroni, Brodie Merrill, Bill Tierney – the list goes on. Greg is growing the game; he is providing insight and information to the lacrosse fans of Michigan.

Thanks guys – keep up the great work!

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